The format consists of two 30 minute modules followed by an optional informal mixer

  • The first 30 minute module will consist of a panel of six real estate agents who will answer a series previously prepared questions. Questions from buyers and sellers will be also welcomed at this time.
  • The second module will consist of private 5 minute interviews with each agent where the buyers will get to ask any questions and have an opportunity to share personal situational information that is relevant to the transaction but that they would prefer to keep confidential (for example you may not wish to disclose that the house you need to sell is going to be a short sale or that you had a previous foreclosure and you want to buy a home again).
  • After we have finished the formal modules everyone is invited to stay for an informal mixer.  This is a great time to really get to know your perspective real estate agent better.  A buyer or seller may request a follow up appointment with any or all of the members of the real estate panel.  The buyer and seller panel has no obligation to use the services of the real estate agents nor are they obligated to divulge their contact information to them.  Communication is completely controlled by the perspective clients.

How the Program Works

Everybody wins!

when agents fight for your business!